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Rakht Charitra 2 Telugu Full Movie Download Utorrent Free




Pranitha Subhash. Rakta Charitra 2 Movie will be a sequel to the Hindi film Rakta Charitra. The movie is directed by Siddharth Rajendra and produced by Nithiin Roshan. Rakta Charitra 2 was released on April 23, 2018. In this sequel, the movie follows its lead actor ‘Suriya’ who is seeking revenge against the former Kolkata gangster ‘Kangana’. In the last installment, Kangana is seen shooting Rakt Charitra actor ‘Suriya’. But before that, a mysterious person named Raghu wants to kill Suriya. Suriya has a twin brother named Chiranjeevi who is a government official.Chiranjeevi has a daughter who is in a relationship with Sudheer Babu. Suriya is introduced in the film as a child who loses his parents in a car accident. Chiranjeevi is introduced in the film as a businessman who later starts a train named Express. In this movie, Suriya is a young man in his childhood days who works for his brother Chiranjeevi as an assistant. There is a girl in the neighborhood named Geeta. She loves Suriya’s brother Chiranjeevi. One day in Kolkata, a poor boy named Raghu is thrown in the river with his parents dead. Raghu asks Chiranjeevi to save him. Chiranjeevi takes Raghu to his house where they both grow up together. Raghu falls in love with Chiranjeevi’s daughter Aswini. When Chiranjeevi is named train’s principal, he decides to make train as an express. Aswini becomes sad about her father’s choice. Raghu gets injured in an accident which makes Chiranjeevi realize that he is more attached to his daughter than his brother. Raghu falls in love with Aswini and secretly wants to marry her. Raghu is found by Chiranjeevi in the train and is treated. Raghu says that he has to meet someone for an important project. Chiranjeevi says that it is a secret and that he will tell him later. In the train, Aswini talks to Sudheer Babu. Sudheer Babu comes to know that Raghu



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Rakht Charitra 2 Telugu Full Movie Download Utorrent Free

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